NUTV Show Archives

Since we have been documenting local Calgary history for over 20 years you can bet we’ve got a lot of interesting footage in our archives.

Do we have what you are looking for? Over the years technology has been evolving so our footage has varying qualities.  Depending
on the footage you are after we can output it in a variety of manners that will suit your needs – electronically, DVD, or Tape.
Our rates offer flexibility depending on the length of time you require usage.


1 year

3 year

10 year

Corporate                           (Advertisement, Feature Film, Scripted Television)




Non-Profit/Independent (Documentary, non-fiction program,  Non-Broadcast projects)




Research Fee: $40.00

Output Fees:
Electronic File delivered via dropbox etc. $40.00
DVD $60.00
Tape $80.00

Please find our sample license here. As NUTV is non-profit all proceeds from archival footage sales will go back into serving our mandate;
providing workshops and media literacy programs to our members and the community.

Here is a list of our show archives below: