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The NUTV GREENLITE ARTS FESTIVAL (GAF) is a celebration of our local arts and environmental communities. Audiences will leave feeling engaged and that they can be a part of the solution to environmental problems. The festival’s mandate is to showcase the film and photographic works of students and local artists and provide an experience that goes beyond passive viewing. The festival will serve to jump start Earth Week activities in April. Due to the University of Calgary’s academic schedule GAF is held during the last week of March or the first week of April on an annual basis. This provides an opportunity to work in tandem with other “green” initiatives on campus and in the community occurring prior to Earth Week. The primary purpose of GAF is to exhibit environmental art and nurture our own talented local community. The “support local” philosophy is a cornerstone of the environmental movement and community-based initiatives such as GAF are key to creating a sustainable local economy and an engaged community.

The NUTV GREENLITE ARTS FESTIVAL is made possible by support from the community.

NUTV contributes funding and resources towards the success of the festival.



Deanna Cameron Dubuque
Dominique Keller
Taylor Ross

Contact us at for more information about the festival.

Thank you to our 2014 sponsors


Become a Sponsor: Help make this festival a success through a donation or sponsorship. Your donation will reflect a worthwhile and high-visibility investment by:

  1. Targeting a niche audience of students and community members interested in the environment
  2. Supporting the arts on a local and national level
  3. Providing technical training and experience for festival participants
  4. Helping build the infrastructure for future festivals

Every dollar contributed will help us reach our goal of raising awareness about environmental issues and working to create a greener world. Please contact our Festival Coordinator ( for more information on sponsorship opportunities.


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